“An important, ambitious, and accomplished novel.”

Mohsin Hamid on Bangkok Wakes to Rain

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New York Times Notable Book of the Year
Washington Post Notable Book of the Year
Kirkus Reviews Best Books

Lurching through decades, from Bangkok’s rich past to its precarious future, the human tales in this novel seep into one another, held together by delicate threads. Read more…

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US: Penguin Random House  Riverhead Books
Apple Book / Barnes & Noble / Books-A-Million / Bookshop / Indiebound / Powell’s / PRH
English-language audiobook (via a local bookstore): Libro.fm

UK: Hachette Sceptre
 Hodder / Waterstones / WH Smiths

France: Editions Rivages (translator: Bernard Turle)
: Fazi Editore (translator: Silvia Castoldi)


  • “…a bold and tender novel…Sudbanthad arrives to us already a masterful innovator of the forma startlingly original debut.”

    Alexander Chee, author of Edinburgh
    and The Queen of the Night

  • “…Sudbanthad so compellingly captures not only the long arcs of these lives—but also the smallest moments, and how those moments linger in memory, how they haunt.”

    Karen Thompson Walker, author of
    The Dreamers and The Age of Miracles

  • “Gorgeously polyphonic and saturated in the senses, Bangkok Wakes to Rain brims with a wistful and gripping energy. Sudbanthad carries us through time and space with a magician’s hand, with a visionary’s eye…”

    Claire Vaye Watkins, author of Gold Fame Citrus

  • “Sudbanthad’s beautiful, ambitious first novel moves with an elegant restlessness that seems to match the city’s own.”

    Rajesh Parameswaran, author of I Am an Executioner


“This teeming debut novel…recreates the experience of living in Thailand’s aqueous climate so viscerally that you can feel the water rising around your ankles.”
—Ron Charles, The Washington Post

“Fluid in its structure and aqueous in its themes, the novel vividly evokes the teeming, sweltering city…”
The New Yorker

“Ambitious and sweeping, yet at once intimately crafted and shot through with fine detail, Bangkok Wakes to Rain is a sumptuous accomplishment.”
Angela Ledgerwood, Adrienne Westenfeld, Esquire

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